1 – For an optimal and immersive sports experience, you should opt for the Pro-2 Edition Virtual Reality Kit which is a stand-alone headset.

2 – If you have an Oculus Quest, Quest 2 or Go, you should opt for the Ocula Kit.

3 – For a less immersive experience than the Pro-2 Edition, but more affordable, opt for the Mobile-2 Edition Virtual Reality Kit. To use the headset, you need to insert your Android or IOS smartphone into it.

The sensor allows compatibility with all types of training bikes and elliptical bikes. In addition, the Fit Immersion Kits are compatible with home trainers and connected bikes for synchronization of speed and difficulty. If you are not interested about the sensor, an exchange against courses is possible, contact us.

1 – Insert the SD card or memory dongle in your cell phone (included in the kit)

2 – Install the “Fit Immersion” application from App Store or Google Play

3 – Attach the speed sensor to the cranck or any other rotating part (see image)

4 – Insert the phone in the VR headest

5 – Adjust it to your vision (see documentation)

1 – Attach the speed sensor to the pedal or any other rotating part 

Android and IOS phone, some models are not supported, check here. You can find the demo app on Google Play and App Store. 

New courses can be obtained by purchasing dedicated credit on our website. Click here

The purchase of a ty costs 90 credits.

Yes, the Kits are designed to keep your glasses comfortable during use.