Mobile-2 Android Edition Virtual Reality Kit


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Turn your fitness equipment into a virtual reality device with this kit! It contains a virtual reality headset for mobile phones designed for sports, a speed sensor and a 256GB micro SD card (optional USB card reader if required).

This kit contains :

  • Immersive training on your Android smartphone
  • Virtual reality travel on 12 courses filmed in 360°.
  • Synchronization of speed (wireless sensor supplied) and difficulty (according to fitness equipment)
  • Real-time performance monitoring and coaching
  • The materials in contact with the head are made of synthetic leather. So you can keep them clean after each workout.
  • Compatible with ANT+/Bluetooth heart rate belt (not included)
  • Compatible with “Smart” home trainers, with automatic resistance control using Bluetooth FTMS or ANT+ FE-C protocol (contact us if you prefer to have additional routes instead of the speed sensor)

To check the compatibility of your phone click here

Test the demo application:

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