Travel on the most beautiful courses in the world in 360 ° as if you were there!

With the Fit Immersion Pro-2 kit, transform your training bike or ellipticals into the training machine of the future.
Its virtual reality headset has been optimized for sports use. It is cleanable and breathable. Its weight is distributed between the front and the back in order to optimize your comfort.

All you need is inside, no need in smartphone of something else.


  • Autonomous (All-in-One) Sport VR headset.
  • Bluetooth cadence sensor

Compatibility sports equipment

Compatible with any type of stationary and elliptical bikes.
Also communicates with smart bikes and home trainers via Bluetooth (FTMS).

About the app

Coupled with the Fit Immersion application, your training becomes immersive and interactive: personalized workouts, real-time performances, virtual coaching.
All the data of your session is displayed in real time as an overlay of your journey.