Fit immersion

Fit immersion

INdoor cycling
without borders

Motivate yourself and gain regularity with our immersive training concept


Fit Immersion offers 3 virtual reality kits and applications to transform your indoor cycling workouts.
Travel through the most beautiful tracks in the world in 360° as if you were there!


Fit Immersion offers solutions for individual training and group training.
Take your training to the next level by adding immersion to your workouts.

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    Olivia Cox fitness blogger

    The fit immersion kit is a game-changer for indoor training. Totally immersive and great for keeping motivation up on longer sessions.

    Sébastien Brenot Durand

    I had the pleasure of immersing myself with a virtual helmet to go riding this weekend in Cassis while being in Paris 😎🌞. I loved this experience of getting away to do indoor sports. I also took the opportunity to test the other virtual services of the headset by viewing incredible images 💙


    I like this app, the only real downside is the size of the downloaded maps. I got the cadence enabled version which found my sensor straight away. The movement is very smooth, much better than the subscription cycling app I tried with the added bonus you don't drop through the road or ride through walls :). The UI and hud needs a little work, the stats move just out of sight for me, and better video quality would be great but I dread to think what that would do to the route filesizes.

    Jean-François Poujet Herault Tourisme

    The experience is amazing, we find ourselves as if by magic in nature, it is fully immersive and from this point of view opens up interesting perspectives.


    Confront your calves on the climb to Alpe d'Huez and instantly follow it up with a leisurely ride in the Camargue ... Pedaling through the streets of Toronto, Canada, and 30 minutes later finding yourself in Budapest, Hungary. That requires some serious logistics ... Unless you've had the good sense to embark on the adventure with Fit Immersion. What's more, the technical team is super-responsive, super-efficient and, what's more, super-friendly. We're looking forward to many new routes: in the middle of the wildlife of the Serengeti in Tanzania, in the ghost towns and Monument Valley of the American West or the Florida Keys, in the Australian bush, in Rome, in Florence, in the middle of the Egyptian pyramids... The Fit Immersion team has its work cut out for it ;o)



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