Freedom from your home

dedicated solution

Fit Immersion offers a specific solution included with the virtual reality kits.

360° video realism

Tourist and international tracks are included


Heart rate and speed evolution is displayed and analysed at the end of training


The virtual coach guides you to accomplish the goal of the ongoing program

Wide compatibility

Training Bikes, Elliptical Bikes and Home Trainers


Pro-2 Edition Virtual Reality Kit

Get the ultimate virtual reality sports experience with this standalone headset! Everything you need to turn your cardio sessions into an amazing experience is in this kit. The virtual reality headset has been optimized for sports use, moreover, the included sensor allows you to synchronize speed. The difficulty is also synchronizable, only with a smart bike and home trainer.


High capacity battery

12/24 itineraries in 360° included


2k screen


256 GB version - 12 tracks included

512 GB version - 24 tracks included


Transform your fitness equipment and mobile phone into a virtual reality device with this kit! It contains a virtual reality headset for mobile phones designed for sports, a speed sensor, and a 256GB micro SD card.

ANDROID / ios compatible

twelve 360° itineraries installed

Wireless cadence sensor

Real-time performance monitoring and coaching

* Choose the corresponding smartphone model (Android or Apple). We need it to deliver a compatible version.

To check the compatibility of your phone, click here.


Bored of your training sessions, don't wait any longer and opt for the virtual reality experience. The Ocula kit is compatible with Oculus Quest, Quest 2, and Go. Transform your training sessions and discover virtual reality through 360° courses with your Oculus device.

You can test the app on the App Lab.


Oculus QUEST

oCULUS quest 2

Oculus go


Oculus compatibility

2x500 CREDITS = 11 itineraries

* You have the choice of getting a kit with a sensor or buying credits to download your courses directly from the application. Speed measurement is more stable with a speed sensor. 

frequently asked questions

The sensor allows compatibility with all types of training bikes and elliptical bikes. In addition, the Fit Immersion Kits are compatible with home trainers and connected bikes for synchronization of speed and difficulty. If you are not interested about the sensor, an exchange against courses is possible, contact us.

1 – Insert the SD card in your cell phone (included in the kit)

2 – Install the “Fit Immersion” application located on the SD card

3 – Attach the speed sensor to the cranck or any other rotating part

4 – Insert the phone in the VR headest

1 – Attach the speed sensor to the pedal or any other rotating part 

Android and IOS phone, some models are not supported, check here. You can find the demo app on Google Play and App Store. 

New courses can be obtained by purchasing dedicated credit on our website. Click here

Yes, the Kits are designed to keep your glasses comfortable during use.

1 – For an optimal and immersive sports experience, you should opt for the Pro-2 Edition Virtual Reality Kit which is a stand-alone headset.

2 – If you have an Oculus Quest, Quest 2 or Go, you should opt for the Ocula Kit.

3 – For a less immersive experience than the Pro-2 Edition, but more affordable, opt for the Mobile-2 Edition Virtual Reality Kit. To use the headset, you need to insert your Android or IOS smartphone into it.

The purchase of a ty costs 90 credits.