Fit Immersion Project
(PERFORM VR company)

Fit Immersion Project
(PERFORM VR company)

Is a French startup founded in 2017 in Montpellier that develops and markets virtual reality applications and equipment for sports.

In 2015 the engineer and expert in algorithms Dimitri started working on what will be two years later Fit Immersion. He decided to bet on the combination of physical activity and travel. In other words, how to go on a trip around the world in virtual reality with an exercise bike: a way to stay motivated and not miss a single training session.

Today the Fit Immersion team composed of several people and its community of 360 filming enthusiasts around the world bring you expertise in order to motivate you on a daily basis with more than 25 courses around the world.

Project start-up

January 2015

Creation of PERFORM VR

Mars 2017

Montpellier, France

Shooting of 10 courses

July 2018

1st Pro prototype in gyms

November 2018

Contract with CNES, "Immersive Exersise" space project

December 2019 – Novembre 2020

Marketing start-up

PRO and Mobile version on the website and Amazon

June 2020

New version of the kits

PRO-2 and Mobile-2

January 2021

New products for the pros

FitTab, FitBox and co RPM courses

Mars 2021

Oculus and iOS version

September 2021

20 courses available

In 3 countries and in 3D

January 2022

Compatibility with Matrix bikes

Mars 2022

Launch of the World Tour

Filming of the courses on the 5 continents

Septembre 2022

Do you want to join the team?
Send us a message indicating your experience and your motivation.







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    About Perform VR


    Inspired by Google Cardboard and bored of the drab scenery at the local gym, engineer and algorithm expert Dimitri began working on what would emerge two years later as Fit Immersion. He was motivated by the desire to make exercise fun again, and to bring places and worlds he’d love to explore closer to home. He was joined by many people who brought their expertise to carry out this project.





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