Pro-2 Edition Virtual Reality Kit (512GB version)


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Travel the world’s most beautiful courses in 360° as if you were there !

With the Fit Immersion Pro-2 kit, transform your exercise bike or elliptical into the training machine of the future. Its virtual reality headset has been optimized for sports use. It is cleanable and breathable. Its weight is distributed between the front and the back to optimize your comfort.

Coupled with the Fit Immersion application, your training becomes immersive and interactive: personalised training, real-time performance, virtual coaching. All the data from your session is displayed in real time on top of your route.

For owners of interactive bikes or home trainers, the immersion goes even further with synchronization of difficulty with the course in real-time.

Your bike or home trainer is not interactive? The included speed sensor will allow you to synchronize the virtual movement speed with your pedalling rate and bring your equipment into the 21st century.

  • Virtual reality travel on 24 tracks filmed in 360°.
  • 2k screen for a breathtaking experience
  • High capacity battery with over 2 hours of autonomy
  • The kit is compatible with any type of bike (static, elliptical, home trainer) thanks to the speed sensor that can be adapted to a rotating part.
  • Synchronisation of speed (sensor supplied) and difficulty (depending on fitness equipment)
  • Real-time performance monitoring and coaching
  • The materials in contact with the head are made of synthetic leather. You can keep them clean after each training session.
  • Recharging cable, power adapter are included in the kit.
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