Premium Edition

The easiest way to turn your workout into an immersive experience


All what you need to bring VR experience to fitness sessions at home


     Entertaining fitness experience

     Performance oriented monitoring

     Wide range of 360° premium tracks

     Easy to set up

     Lightweight and comfortable 

MBike Détouré

   Wireless & Ready to use




         2K screen for an immersive 3D experience. 

     Long battery life allowing up to 2H sessions

            Wireless and easy to set up speed sensor. To install                             on the pedal or another part in rotation 

         Integrated heart rate sensor

 The first VR headset designed for sport

After 3 years of development, many prototypes and a lot of motivation.

We are proud to present the first VR headset especially designed for sport !


Adjustable & Comfortable Sport Head Strap

Sweat-proof synthetic leather covered foams


    Broad Compatibility


     Exercise bikes

     Elliptical trainers

     Turbo trainers, automatic steering control with FE-C protocol 

Lite Edition 

You prefer to use your own high-end smartphone ? The Lite Edition is made for you ! 


Affordable VR fitness experience at home  


  Performance oriented with detailed monitoring

  • Wide range of 360° immersive tracks on a 64Gb microSD card or USB key (depending on the compatibility with your smartphone)
  • Wireless cadence sensor (ANT+/BLE)
  • Compatible with external ANT+/Bluetooth heart rate chest belt (not included)
  • Compatible with "smart" turbo trainers, steering control on FE-C implementing ones

  One size fits most of Android Smartphones

  • With a display size between 4.5 and 6 inch
  • Accepting a 64Gb microSD card or an USB key (USB OTG port)
  • With Bluetooth LE or ANT+ connectivity
  • Screen resolution of at least 1920x1080 is recommended for a good image quality.

Recommended smartphones accepting a microSD card.
Recommended smartphones accepting an USB key.

Designed for sport 

Comfortable sport strap

Lightweight and easy to carry


Easy to set up

The phone is inserted in the headset.

The speed sensor is fixed on the pedal or another rotating part


Training App

Personalize your training, plan it and get performance reports, easily ! 


Select training type

Define the workout

Choose the track

Enjoy VR Fitness experience



Maximal speed determined by a 7 minute test based on user's characteristics and heart rate monitoring



Training programs designed by an experienced fitness coach

3 categories of training implemented

  • Warmup before force exercise
  • Calories burn
  • Intensive workout for individuals looking to progress in cycling

  Realtime monitoring

Heart rate and speed is monitored and compared to selected training program.

Feedback message notifies about selected training program fulfillment status.


Activity analysis

Heart rate and speed evolution is displayed and analysed at the end of training.

User's progression trend is calculated from collected daily data.